By: Andrew

Welcome to, the home of Ace and Will Moseley.

There are five books in the Elf Twins series and they are all now available right here.

You can send in your comments, drawings and questions by email, and you can also email Ace and Will or any of the other sprites in the stories, and every email will receive a reply.

Let them introduce themselves – this is what Will says about Ace:

“Ace is a poser. If there’s a chance to show off, he’ll take it. And vain – OK, he is good-looking, but doesn’t he know it. What else? He’s a great fighter, the only elf I know who’s ever beaten a goblin. And he’s a great leader. He drives me mad sometimes, but I’d miss him if he wasn’t around. He’s my twin – we belong together.”

This is what Ace says about Will:

“The thing you have to remember about Will is that he’s clever. He can’t help it – it’s just the way he is. So that’s why he doesn’t always remember things like combing his hair, he probably just had his head in a book. I have to admit, though, it comes in very useful. He’s great at making things, and figuring out how human stuff works. To be honest, I couldn’t manage without him. But don’t tell him I said so.”

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