01.   North Across the Sea
02.   Fjaerland
03.   The Great Tree
04.   Fran
05.   Stranger in a Strange Land
06.   Harevollnipa
07.   Target Practice
08.   The Race around the Mountain
09.   The Pattern
10.   Special Brigade
11.   Envoy Mecsek
12.   Rob
13.   Pooling
14.   Mutiny
15.   Accused
16.   Lost
17.   Jasan
18.   Marta
19.   Graduation Night
20.   Ace's Knife
Hidden on a mountain at Fjaerland Fjord in Norway is the headquarters of the Sprite Army. Here Ace and Will and the rest of the Wildside sprites begin their training, and meet sprites from all over Europe. They meet the Tree, and they meet General Gran Herdalen, and learn that not all sprites are pro-human, like they are. They make friends and make enemies, and they make mistakes. But all the time, they are learning, and by the end of their first year of training, they are already beginning to make a difference.

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