01.   Viola
02.   The First Victory
03.   A White Porsche
04.   The Proscribed List
05.   Finding Daffodil
06.   Bat's Castle
07.   Valerian
08.   The Battle of Vingen
09.   The Senior Fairy
10.   From a Different Point of View
11.   Into Poland
12.   The Elf Squadron
13.   The Enemy Cross the Fjord
14.   The Battle for Fjaerland
15.   Going North
16.   The Last Shall Be First
Ace, Will, Rose and Clover are travelling the length and breadth of England, searching for a lost fairy. They stick to their task, despite worrying events at home, and alarming events elsewhere, as parliament move to arrest their enemies and take over the Hollow Hills.
General Herdalen mobilises the army in their defence, parliament authorises attacks on civilians, and the realm is at war.
News from old friends is coming in from all over Europe, until Ace and Will begin to feel that everyone else is having more excitement than they are. But long journeys and unexpected reversals mean that when the most desperate need arises, help can't come from the elite, but from those who can get there in time.