01.   Reunions
02.   Frost Fairy
03.   Combat Champion
04.   The Snowplough
05.   At the Floodgates
06.   To Find a Path out of the Dark
07.   Healing
08.   Breaking Point
09.   The Queen Enid
10.   David and England 1
11.   Midsummer Metal
12.   The Road to Otta
13.   Unison
14.   Valour is the Only Beauty
15.   The Sprites are Online
16.   Where Your Treasure Is
17.   Until It Gets Dangerous
18.   Fire and Snow
19.   Sønner av Norge
Reunited with Phil, Ace’s team begin their second year in high spirits, making new friends and new enemies. Their workload is heavy, but now they are learning to fight in earnest. As well as their training, they have the forces of nature to contend with, and the ever-widening gap between the young sprites, as more and more of them choose sides on the issues that are splitting the realm. Meanwhile, Special Brigade are putting their plans into action, leading Gran Herdalen to tackle them, with the help of a human Ally – David. It isn’t only Special Brigade they have to worry about, though – there are sprites in Parliament, including the Premier himself, who are beginning to take a very close interest in Ace and Will.