01.   The Major and the Refugee
02.   Sprite Science and Common Sense
03.   Heavy Metal
04.   The Mice and the Chrysalis
05.   Midsummer's Eve
06.   In a Hole
07.   Windsurfing
08.   Save Wildside
09.   Ace's Battle
10.   Alpine Meadow
11.   Fire in the Night
12.   Nightmares
13.   Bonfire Night
14.   Twins
15.   Owler Tor
16.   Allies
17.   Dreams
18.   AC/DC
The sprite realm is in a mess. There’s no queen any more, and Parliament is always passing harsh new laws, trying to stop contact with humans completely. But at the small colony on Wildside, no-one knows anything about that. Ace and Will lead an idyllic life, pleasing themselves, fighting the local goblins and trying to stay one jump ahead of the police. But all that changes when Major Madge Arley arrives on Wildside and takes them in hand, because Wildside itself is in danger. This is the story of their desperate battle to save their trees, and their ultimate defeat, and of the humans, children and adults, who helped them and became their friends.

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